Trojan Finance: Easy to digest mempool information for every trader

Traders are always looking for the next edge.

Most of the current information available to traders is based on past indicators or, at most, present-time data.

But what if you could get a glimpse of the future?

Introducing Trojan 🐴

Trojan Finance platform monitors the Ethereum mempool and gives its users the opportunity to make trading decisions on different ERC-20 tokens based on the future outcome of queued transactions, displaying the most probable future result of each trade including its price impact.

This gives you an unprecedented edge, like having a crystal ball 🔮.

All of this sounds very cool but how can you be sure that this isn’t just mumbo-jumbo talk?

Well… why don’t you check for yourself?

We are very happy to share with you the beta version of, the first (to our knowledge) free-to-use tool that gives you, the trader, an edge based on Ethereum’s mempool and its predictions of future events.

This is you using Trojan

Team and motivation 💪

You might be wondering now… why do we share this kind of tool with the world when we could just make bots with this kind of information?

The answer is:

Because we can and because we want to.

We are a group of anon traders, researchers, and developers that have worked (or still work 👀) for major players in the crypto industry, including the development of a blockchain pilot for a national central bank.

We are now looking for ways to give back to the community and develop tools that will benefit the dex trader ecosystem as a whole, leveling the field for small players, and bringing to everyone the information that we know high-level players use to their advantage.

One thing we have learned in this space is that to succeed we need to embrace the power of a properly aligned community. We have decided to open this tool for everyone to use and to decentralize the decisions regarding this tool (and others to come) with our governance token TRJ.

We will be announcing the details of the different phases of our token launch soon.

In the meantime, you can try app and let us know what you think. Every piece of feedback is appreciated.

Oh and we can hear you asking:

Is this token going to be farmable? 👨‍🌾

The answer is:

Won’t you trust this futuristic Chad?

If you are eager to know more, have some ideas, or just want to hang out you are welcome to join our Discord community to share with other like-minded people.

Jump in.

The future is your friend.

Stay tuned for more.

Trojan team

The future is your friend. Stay tuned.